Diane Seltzer Torre has been elected Secretary of the D.C. Bar for 2020-2021. The D.C. Bar has more than 110,000 members in 50 states and over 80 countries, and it is the largest unified bar in the United States. As she states, “Serving as a leader with the D.C. Bar is one of the most gratifying and rewarding volunteer experiences of my career. The people with whom I work at the D.C. Bar are energetic, engaged, motivated, and smart.  I currently serve on the D.C. Bar’s 2020-2025 Strategic Planning Committee and on the D.C. Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Committee, for which I previously served as Chair (2016-2017), as Vice Chair (2015-2016), and as a Committee member (2012-2015).  Since 2018, I have also served on the D.C. Bar’s Screening Committee, Communities Committee, and Nominations Committee.  I am excited to continue to contribute to an organization that is incredibly committed to being a solid resource, on many levels, for its members.”