Diane Seltzer Torre has been elected Secretary of the D.C. Bar for 2020-2021. As she states, “Serving as a leader with the D.C. Bar is one of the most gratifying and rewarding volunteer experiences of my career. The people with whom I work at the D.C. Bar are energetic, engaged, motivated, and smart.  I currently serve on the D.C. Bar’s 2020-2025 Strategic Planning Committee and on the D.C. Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Committee, for which I previously served as Chair (2016-2017), as Vice Chair (2015-2016), and as a Committee member (2012-2015).  Since 2018, I have also served on the D.C. Bar’s Screening Committee, Communities Committee, and Nominations Committee.  I am excited to continue to contribute to an organization that is incredibly committed to being a solid resource, on many levels, for its members.”